Scroll Saw Vs Band Saw – Differences Explained

Last Updated on October 9, 2021

A couple of days ago, I planned to work on something I have never done before since I am on my holidays. I went to the basement to take a look at stuff piled up over there which may help me to get into something like a Kickstarter. Later on, I found a big crate filled with a claw hammer, chisels, saws, and many other woodworking accessories.

It reminded me of my grandfather who used to be a craftsman. At that very instant, I hit upon a plan on doing a little bit of carpentry. Afterward, I gathered all my necessities at a certain place when I realized I don’t know which one to choose between a scroll saw and a band saw for overall better performance.

Henceforth, I did a little research on both where I found details about them which I am going to describe here.

What Does A Saw Do?

A saw is a tool consisting of strand, blade, or chain with a hard toothed end. It is used to cut hard substances like wood, metal, bones, stones, etc. There are different types of saws, each being designed for specific functions.

The traditional hand saw is pretty much a multi-functional one. However, different kinds of saws are used for trimming trees, cutting logs, clipping, masking, paneling and so on.

What Is A Scroll Saw?

A scroll saw is a small kind of saw that is operated by either electricity or by revolving the pedal attached to it. It has three-speed control options and based on the material that one will be using the saw on, the level of speed has to be determined.

What Does A Scroll Saw Do?

A scroll saw is mostly used for cutting complicated curves. It is pretty efficient when it comes to performing complex cutting feats like dovetail joints. Besides, it can essentially be used while inlaying wood within the stone matrix of the floor, wall and different sort of furniture.

Contemporary use of scroll saw is used for doing the lettering of signs and making different furniture for home, office and other places.

Fields of Working

  • Designing curves
  • Creating dovetail joints
  • Making angle cuts, etc.

What Can A Scroll Saw Cut?

  • Metal
  • Bones
  • Ivory
  • Cork

What Can Be Made With A Scroll Saw?

  • Portraits on woods
  • Intarsia
  • Alphabetic signs, etc.

Scroll Saw Blade Types

  • Standard tooth scroll saw blades
  • Spiral scroll saw blades
  • Double tooth scroll saw blades
  • Crown tooth scroll saw blades, etc.

Unique Utility of Scroll Saw

Even though it has a hard, sharp blade attached to it, the blade is very safe. For the rookie woodworkers and children, it is pretty secure, since even if they touch the blade by accident, no serious injury will occur.

Advantages of Scroll Saw

  • The blade can be replaced
  • More precision than most other saws regarding cutting curves
  • Has dust blower tap to keep the work station clean
  • Speed regulation allows having control over cuts
  • Table-tilting assists in accurate angled cuts
  • Best for crafts

Disadvantages of Scroll Saw

  • Being an electrical appliance gets overheated easily
  • Unsuitable for thick materials
  • Doesn’t do straight cuts
  • Blade bends on material that is foreign to it
  • Less efficient for DIY

What Is A Band Saw?

Band saw is a cutting tool that consists of a long, sharp blade which got a continuous cluster of spiked metal placed in between two or more wheels. Lately, most of the band saws are mechanized by one electrical motor.

What Does A Band Saw Do?

A band saw can slit and re-saw. It is used mainly for crosscutting. Besides, due to its versatility, it can cut larger materials as well and is used in construction aspects. Band saws are frequently used at industries where they need to do lots of cutting in distinct patterns.

Field of Working

  • Used for tricky cuts
  • Re-sawing
  • Slit cuts
  • Metal cuts, etc.

What Can A Band Saw Cut?

  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Stone Etc.

What Can Be Made With A Band Saw?

  • Wooden utensils
  • Wall art
  • Name plaque etc.

Band Saw Types

  • Metal band saw
  • Wood band saw
  • Horizontal band saw
  • Meat band saw
  • Vertical band saw, etc.

Unique Utility of Band Saw

Since it can cut in to give shapes and do polishing, it’s a piece of very valuable equipment to have in the cutting and engineering industries.

Advantages of The Band Saw

  • Able to cut different sorts of materials
  • Highly portable
  • Good enough for home enhancement and workshop
  • Pretty good for thick materials
  • Cuts successive lines

Disadvantages Of The Band Saw

  • End cuts are rougher
  • Cannot do an inward cutting
  • Lengthy cutting time
  • Working space is generally small

Which One Is Better?

When it comes to compare and come up with a solution about choosing one from two, it’s better to go through all the requirements of the job. A very efficient appliance may not be competent enough to get done with a specific task.

In terms of creating something proficient, one must go for scroll saw as it can make intricate cuts pretty easily.

Additionally, it comes in handy if someone opts for getting explicit cuts in a piece of material. On the other hand, band saw boosts the potency of every job as the worker owns complete control over the materials.

In terms of expense, a scroll saw is way cheaper than the other one, and if safety is highly prioritized as a beginner, one should certainly go for scroll saw as well.

However, if the thickness of the materials is diversified then, band saw can come to the rescue since it can cut very thick materials unlike scroll saw and has the option for the cuts to be varied in different nature and length as well.


Both of the saws above are used for cutting different materials, and their high proficiencies work as leverage while doing cutting works.

It is certainly a fun job to work on woods and stuff, like giving them different shapes through using a saw but one must be preventative while operating those accessories to avoid any sort of injuries.