Top 10 Best Battery Chainsaw Reviews

Last Updated on June 1, 2020

If you are on the lookout for a battery chainsaw, I guess you are already aware of all the features they have to offer. For a beginner, practicing with small work, these types of saws are perfect. They are easy to use and require a minimum amount of trouble to operate.

It is hard to determine which the best battery chainsaw is since there are quite a few that seem to be great at what they do.

So, we have a list for you, along with reviews of the tools so that you can make an informed pick. What may be the best to you may not be that great to another person. And we are offering you a chance to see for yourself, which one you prefer.

10 Best Battery Chainsaw Reviews

Before we delve into more details and discuss the features to look for when shopping for a good chainsaw, let us take a look at the ten best products we have suggested for you. Reading through these, you may find the perfect battery chainsaw that goes with the type of work you do.

1. Makita XCU03PT1 18V Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 14″ Chain Saw

A lot of people buy cordless battery chainsaws for the comfort they bring to users. So, when buying these, a lot of factors come into play. The weight and size being some of the most important features, we will look into those first. While the size of this tool ensures comfort and ease, we may not be able to say the same with its weight.

At 21.2 pounds, this machine may be deemed quite heavy by many people. We prefer something lighter, especially if the machine is meant to be moved around a lot.

But if you are cool with the weight and believe it won’t be a hindrance to your work, by all means, purchase this saw. It does have a lot of great features.

For example, it has a BL Brush-less motor, which runs on 4 18V lithium batteries. The batteries themselves will be very easy to acquire, and because of these features, the machine happens to be very strong. You can safely depend on it for many different sorts of work.

It is also important for users to operate these saws with maximum care. And luckily, you get a variable speed trigger to keep you safe and in control.

When working, you can easily shift speeds as required. However, while that will make your work very easy, the start button may cause some trouble. The machine shuts off every 4 idle seconds, so you will have to go back and turn it on every time.

What We Like:
  • Comfortable size
  • Brush-less motor
  • Variable speed trigger
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Heavy
  • Automatic switch turns off too soon

2. Greenworks PRO GCS80420 18-Inch 80V Cordless Chainsaw, 2.0 AH Battery Included

With this particular chainsaw, you get to choose between two options, when it comes to sizes. You can either opt for a 16 inch one or if you want, a slightly bigger 18 inch saw. When it comes to weight, you will see that this particular saw is almost half as heavy as the former one.

This is a welcome feature for everyone because a lighter saw allows greater control for the user. And so, you will get to make more accurate cuts with this.

Plus, controlling your machine better will mean you will be much safer during work. The electronic chain brake included in the tool works as a very effective safety measure, too.

Another great thing is that this tool comes with its required 2AH batteries upon purchase. And this chainsaw can work for hours on one battery charge alone. So, you better believe, this tool will last you a long time. It is perfect for use away from home, where you may not find the right outlets or sockets for any chainsaw.

The fact that this tool comes with 80V batteries means it is very powerful. You can use it on a variety of material, without the fear of damaging it. Plus, its metal-wrapped handle and electronic brake system make it even more durable and strong. You can trust it to endure a lot of rough work.

Furthermore, the DigiPro brush-less motor guarantees a smooth work experience. You can cut with ease for hours, without running into any major hitch.

However, while the motor works great, the design of the tool may be a little faulty. The chain has a habit of loosening up and falling off by itself. This is a problem, as you will have to stop and fix things in the middle of work.

What We Like:
  • Smooth, brush-less motor
  • Long-lasting charge
  • Lightweight saw ensures greater control
  • Durable
What We Didn’t Like:
  • The chain keeps falling off

3. Oregon Cordless 16-inch Self-Sharpening Chainsaw with 4.0 Ah Battery and Charger

Using this particular chainsaw, you will find that operating the tool is very convenient for you. It seems that the whole machine was designed for user comfort, and it plays its roles with great efficiency.

First of all, you get a 16-inch chainsaw, which is a great size for a cordless tool like this. You can angle and maneuver it with ease, especially if it is light enough, too. And that, it is. Weighing only 12 pounds, this tool is very easy to carry, whether you are working for hours, or taking it to a certain workplace.

Plus, this chainsaw removes any extra hassle during work. It comes with a tool-less tensioner, which can be used to tighten the chain to your preference. So, you can twist a knob to get your desired effect. Could anything be simpler to use?

Like the others, it runs on lithium-ion batteries, which can endure work for hours on end. You won’t have to worry about charging the tool too often since, on one charge, it can make up to 600 cuts! Of course, a lot of it depends on the battery power but the chainsaw itself is more than capable.

You won’t get the same amount of power and strength from this battery chainsaw, as you do with chainsaws which require a cord to be connected to a power supply. That is understandable, though.

This version is well-suited for smaller jobs that do not require a huge amount of energy in one go. Most people don’t use these small battery chainsaws for heavy-duty work, so it is quite alright.

What We Like:
  • Tension regulating knob
  • Light and small
  • Long-lasting battery charge
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Not very powerful

4. Makita XCU02PT1 Lithium-Ion Cordless 12″ Chain Saw Kit with 4 Batteries

Makita excels at manufacturing all types of chainsaws and other tools. So, it is no surprise that this name should appear twice on our list. Like all great Makita products, this one is powerful! You will need two 18V batteries to operate this. And with just one charge, you can carry out some pretty heavy work.

However, there is one drawback, which is something characteristic of Makita chainsaws. This machine is quite heavy. It weighs 26.8 pounds, which is a lot if you are thinking of moving around with it. Even if you weren’t, a heavy object like this would be tough to control.

At least it comes with an easy chain adjustment system. You won’t be needing any extra tools to tighten or loosen the chain, as required. This is a great worry off your shoulders since adjustments in the middle of work are not always very welcome.

The guide bar that comes with this chainsaw is not overtly short, which is something well appreciated by consumers, and the 12 inches of the bar is quite easy to work with.

You get a great chain speed on this machine, at about 1650 FPM so that cutting materials can be quick and easy. Plus, this tool is known for making a very small amount of noise during operation. This is an important factor to keep in mind, given that many people specifically avoid machines that make too much noise.

This one-handed battery chainsaw is quite powerful! Perfect for cutting tree limbs, large pieces of wood, and even pruning, you will find that it is very impressive. Many cordless chainsaws can be a little weak, but this one exceeds expectations.

What We Like:
  • Tool-less chain adjustment
  • Perfect for one-handed work
  • Quiet
  • Powerful
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Quite heavy

5. DEWALT DCCS690M1 40V 4AH Lithium Ion XR Brushless Chainsaw

For super safe, trouble-free work, you may want to reach for this chainsaw. It has all the features anyone could want, to trust that they will be safe during work. These specific features, together, make the chainsaw perfectly suitable for beginners.

First of all, its 16-inch bar is the perfect size for general use. And the saw itself has very little kickback so that you won’t run the risk of big accidents. As long as you are a little careful, and know your angles, you will have nothing to worry about.

A feature that is present in many other battery chainsaws, but still a welcome in this one, is the speed trigger. You get several options to choose from, of varying speeds for the chainsaw to operate on.

Also, you can choose and adjust according to your comfort or liking. This control keeps you more protected from the very sharp saw.

This 18-pound tool is the perfect weight for you to exercise the best control over it. You can cut in different angles, and for hours because it won’t tire you out too much. You can even cut with one hand, and use the other for support, or to hold additional tools. It makes the job so much easier for you.

You won’t even need any tools to adjust its chain. A tensioning knob is built right into the tool, so you can tighten or loosen, as you go. However, you may face some trouble here, as the chain could cut through the plastic shield during work, which will make the chainsaw inoperable.

Otherwise, this machine that runs on one 40V lithium-ion battery is worth considering. Given the many great features it has to offer to ensure user comfort, you could be very happy with its performance.

What We Like:
  • Very safe
  • Low bar kickback
  • Comes with variable speed trigger
  • Light and easy to use
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Faulty chain

6. Toro PowerPlex 51880 Brushless 40V MAX Lithium Ion 14″ Cordless Chainsaw

This chainsaw runs very smoothly and is great for small DIY jobs. It has a brush-less DC motor that is great for efficiency. You can get a good amount of cuts per battery since each of these 40V ones it runs on are very long-lasting. It’s the motor that makes all the difference in performance here.

You will be safe from some hassle when using this tool since it has a self-oiling mechanism. There is an indicator that signals when you have to put oil into the machine but that oil will last you a while. So, you can rest assured that as long as there is a sufficient amount available, the chain will be oiled and ready to go.

The operation is dependent on knobs and buttons, so you won’t have to carry around extra tools, or go through too much trouble to start and adjust it.

There is a start button indicated clearly on the machine, and a knob to adjust the chain to your liking. A push and a turn, and you will have a fully functioning chainsaw to work with.

Some may find the tool a little too heavy to work with comfortably. After all, there are battery chainsaws out there, which are a lot lighter, and thus easier to maneuver. And they happen to have similar features, too.

However, if you have experience with using chainsaws, 13.7 pounds may not feel like too much to you.

If nothing else, you can be sure that this tool is at least very safe to use. You won’t have to worry about aggressive kickbacks during work, or any unwanted accidents.

It guarantees a low kickback bar, and with it, metal bucking teeth, as well as a chain break. So, even if it may be lacking in some traits, others make it live up to the good reputation it has.

What We Like:
  • Low kickback and other safety features
  • Interchangeable batteries
  • Buttons and knobs for ease
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Slightly heavier

7. Zombi ZCS5817 16-Inch 58-Volt 4Ah Lithium Cordless Electric Chainsaw

This battery chainsaw comes with a charger and its batteries. And you can be sure that it is super powerful because it runs on 58V lithium-ion ones. But rest assured, since the manufacturers will provide the batteries, you won’t have to worry about looking around for them.

It doesn’t lack much when compared to other gas-powered chainsaws. Maybe it is a little heavy for a battery-powered one. People expect cordless saws to be lighter and super easy to maneuver, and 16 pounds could cause some trouble for certain people. But once you get used to it, it’s not that bad.

Along with the power and strength this machine has to show, is a motor that runs super smoothly. It is a durable brushless one, the type you would want in an investment like this. Since the motor is so fine, the machine will function more efficiently, too. So, you will get far more cuts per charge.

There are many more impressive features, most of which make this chainsaw safer and easier to use. It has a low kickback on the six-inch chain bar, so with a little care, you will be safe from any big injuries. Plus, a chain brake and added handguard, keep the user extra protected during this fairly risky job.

You can save time, not having to oil the chain at every turn. As long as there is enough oil being fed into the machine, it will oil the chain itself. This will give you an even smoother experience than most.

What We Like:
  • Brush-less, powerful motor
  • Lots of safety features
  • Oils chain automatically
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Quite heavy

8. Husqvarna 14 Inch 120i Cordless Battery Powered Chainsaw

At 14 inches, the bar on this chainsaw is a little shorter than most. This could be a good thing for some, maybe a bad thing, or not a matter at all. As far as we have seen, a couple of inches won’t affect your efficiency or work-rate that much.

What is more effective is the weight of the whole machine. And thankfully, this one is very light. With 10.8 pounds, you can get your work done very comfortably.

This chainsaw is great for small jobs like pruning. You can be very efficient and quick with it, given that there are many features which can make your job much simpler. You get a keypad for all the controls of the machine, which is an ingenious idea for user comfort.

Requiring just one lithium-ion battery, this saw is powerful enough for many types of jobs. While it is ideal for smaller projects, you can cut large pieces of wood with it as well.

But beware, because sometimes the battery may give up a little too early. So, even if the machine runs well and smoothly, there is a risk that it won’t last you too long. There is no guarantee that you will get as durable a product as you want.

However, while it lasts, you can trust it to provide efficient performance. You can get a large number of jobs done with it quite quickly. The brushless electric motor it runs on makes it extremely efficient in these cases.

What We Like:
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Powerful enough for big jobs
  • Brush-less motor
  • 14-inch bar
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Not durable

9. Sun Joe ION16CS 16-Inch 4-Amp 40-Volt Cordless Chain Saw

A battery chainsaw is bought for small jobs, mostly at home. It has to be easy to use, comfortable, and compact. This chainsaw happens to meet all these expectations perfectly. So, if you are looking for an easy-going cordless tool to cut small objects, you cannot choose anything better than this.

You won’t be able to carry out a lot of big jobs with this. It only runs on 40V lithium-ion batteries, which is not a lot of power, but enough for pruning and other similar jobs. And honestly, as a yard tool, not much is expected from it anyway. If you want more power in a tool like this, you should swing for something different.

At 12.8 pounds, this tool can be used for long hours, without tiring a user’s arms out. You can even work single-handed, using the other hand for better control, positioning, and other tools. So, the machine is lightweight helps in many ways.

Even though the machine is compact, the bar itself is 16 inches long. This is a great size for all sorts of work. You won’t be at any risk, and you can cut whatever material you wish to, with complete ease.

Plus, the mechanism of this battery chainsaw will help you stay efficient. You won’t have to stop and oil the chain, when necessary.

This action often slows down the work process. Just keep the machine loaded with oil, and the automatic lubricating system will keep the chain running smoothly, all by itself. This saves you a lot of trouble!

The brush-less motor this saw runs on is very reliable and smooth. You won’t be running into any hitches during work unless something is very wrong. It also makes minimal amounts of noise and barely vibrates.

That is a great trait, especially when you are working at home and do not want to disturb anyone. Plus, excessive vibration makes a machine much harder to control.

What We Like:
  • Compact and light
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Safe
  • Minimal noise
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Not powerful enough for big jobs

10. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw

If you are looking for something super lightweight but powerful, you could consider this chainsaw. At only 7.2 pounds, this is the lightest one in our list. But it is still very durable, so do not underestimate it.

The weight makes it super easy to use. You don’t have to worry about getting tired or its portability. You can carry it to whatever place your work requires you to go. Also, you can cut in angles, and for many hours, with this thing.

It is quite small, too. The body being compact, it is very easy to work with. But the bar itself is only 10 inches. While most battery chainsaws have at least 10-inch long bars, this is a bit small and may cause some hindrance to your work.  Still, it’s not that bad a size and will only need some getting used to.

The brush-less motor runs on 20V lithium-ion batteries, so, as you can understand, this chainsaw can exclusively be used for very small jobs. If you try to cut larger objects with this, do so at your own risk. We would recommend that you only stick to tree limbs and similar objects, with it.

You will at least be very safe, using this tool. It has a small bar with very low kickback. So, while you are working, if you practice a bit of caution, you need not worry about much else. There will be no big, gruesome accidents since the users are always well-protected.

Furthermore, you can work with maximum efficiency, since you won’t have to stop and acquire several tools just to fix the chain’s tension. There is a knob built into the machine, which, when turned, can adjust the chain without any further trouble.

What We Like:
  • Light and compact
  • 20V battery, great for small jobs
  • Low kickback
  • Easy chain adjustment
What We Didn’t Like:
  • The 10-inch bar is short

Benefits Of A Battery Chainsaw

The name itself is quite self-explanatory. These are chainsaws that run on batteries. You will not need to connect them to any outlets or worry about big wires. They tend to be much lighter than normal chainsaws and are also meant for lighter work. Although some of these may yet surprise you with their abilities.

So, mainly the benefit of using battery chainsaws is that you will have much less to worry about — most of these run on very powerful batteries that will last you for ages. If you are a worker who has to travel a lot, you can take these portable chainsaws with you.

Using chainsaws that have to be connected with a wire require you to worry about the wires you are using, the electrical outlets that may or may not be present at your worksite, and much more. A battery chainsaw ensures a more comfortable work experience.

Things That Make The Best Battery Chainsaw

While it’s great to read through reviews to find the best chainsaws out there, you should also take care to learn about the features that make them genuinely great.

Otherwise, you will know of terms, be aware of what is included in a tool but have no idea what good it does. The following guide will tell you what to look for, in the best chainsaws, something a beginner in this field will need.


A lot of factors come into play when determining if a chainsaw is powerful enough, and really, how much power you need for the work you will be doing. If you only plan to stick to DIY work, you won’t need something super strong. All of these saws are perfect for that kind of work.

Battery chainsaws are not the most reliable for heavy-duty, commercial jobs, but if you want one, you can make do with ones that run on stronger batteries. There are a few options in our list above, that are very powerful, and can be used on many different materials.

Noise And Vibration

You may not think that these are important factors to consider, but believe us, they play a huge role in determining how good your work will be. First of all, excessive noise means a machine is of bad quality.

Plus, you will be causing noise pollution, disturbing yourself and others. You may even have to cut your working hours short, for annoyance.

Minimal vibration helps you gain better control of the tool you are working with. And with a chainsaw, you are at great personal risk. You cannot afford to lose control. So, if you get a machine that vibrates less, you can maneuver and operate it better, and it is also safer. And your work will be more accurate, too.

Weight And Size

Battery chainsaws usually do weigh less. Many people prefer to work one-handed and have it easy. A compact and light saw will enable both. Plus, a smaller saw often comes with buttons and knobs for operation, which simplifies work by a lot.

Other than the two Makita products in our list, most of the saws are very light and small. The former two are great as well, but if you are specifically looking for something lightweight, we would suggest that you don’t go for them.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q: How reliable are these for professional work?
A: While most of these are not very powerful and better off as yard tools, you can still use some professionally. Just make sure you are getting one that is strong and durable.

Q: Do these come with chains specific to the models?
A: Yes, and you will be able to find extra chains at hardware stores, or online if needed.

Q: What do I do if the chain cuts away the plastic?
A: You can always contact the manufacturer and replace the plastic. It’s best not to work with a chainsaw that has a broken plastic guard.

Q: Is it normal for a saw to drip oil in storage?
A: It is normal since most of these are auto lubricating. They have oil stored inside and some seeps out, at times. If it troubles you, put it on a cardboard or absorbent material, so the oil doesn’t ruin surfaces.

Q: Are these corded or cordless?
A: All of these saws are battery-powered and cordless. Some of them come with chargers, which you can use to recharge your battery.


Finding the best battery chainsaw can be a bit of a hassle. But you don’t want to suffer more after you buy the product.

So, it is good to be careful and aware of whatever features different brands have to offer. You may or may not find the perfect chainsaw for yourself right from this list, but at least it did you some good to read up on them.