Circular Saw Vs Table Saw – Differences Explained

Last Updated on October 28, 2021

For cutting something at home, people generally choose between circular saw and table saw. Both of the saws are equally good, and both of them are used for woodworking and construction purposes.

An individual must know the usage of a saw before selecting it. Table Saw and Circular saw are more alike than different so one will have to be careful while choosing a saw. The most important things to keep in mind while selecting a saw is the type of wood being cut, place of cutting and the required accuracy level.

Table Saw and Circular saws are required for making deep and long cuts. While a table saw is something which is easy to use for novices, a circular saw is something which offers better portability. Thus we will need to find out the details of the saws.

Structure of Table Saw

Table saw usually can provide precise and angled cuts. It is really easy to use for beginners. Also, it is widely used by professional woodworkers.

This type of saw mainly consists of a circular blade which is attached on an arbor, and the blade can protrude through the table surface. Mainly a table saw is a circular saw which is just adjusted on a motor underneath the table.

People are easily able to use a table saw to make a deep or shallow cut according to their need. The modern table saws are also very effective as they can provide adjustable blades which can be productive for the woodworkers.

Usage of Table Saw

The table saw is mostly used for crosscuts and rip cuts. It is very precise and can provide an angled cut in most of the cases. A table saw can also be used where miter saw is used.

Table saw is mainly used to cut large planks of wood, and it is mostly used by people who are into woodworking for a long time. Table saw also comes with a self-safety option. The self-safety option is automatically activated in case an individual accidentally puts their fingers under the blade.

Advantages of Table Saw

  • Precision and Accuracy: The permanent nature and structure of the saw allow it to make precise, accurate and angled cuts.
  • Easy to Use: The structure of the table saw isn’t complicated, and it isn’t a handheld machine, and thus, it is easy to use for novices.
  • Long-lasting: Table saw lasts longer than circular saws, but they must be adequately maintained.
  • Cleaning Sawdust: It is easy to clean up after using a table saw as the sawdust goes in one direction only.
  • Crosscuts and Ripping Boards Made Easy: Crosscuts and rip-cuts can easily be made with the table saw within a short period.

Disadvantages of Table Saw

  • Not Portable: Table saws are permanent tools, and a woodworker will not be able to move them after setting them up in their workshop. Portable table saws are also very bulky and very difficult to move.
  • Expensive: Table saws are more costly than circular saws.
  • Dangerous: The blade of a table saw is exposed, and thus it is a terrible thing to use for inexperienced woodworkers. The worker himself is responsible in most cases to protect him while using the saw.

Hold on! Take a deep breath and get going with the key details of Circular Saw ahead of you!

Structure of Circular Saw

Circular saw is a very versatile and inexpensive type of saw which is very easy to move. Any types of cuts can be made with the help of this saw.

This saw is run with the help of an electric motor/battery, and it has a circular cutting disc. The electric motor enables the blade to spin, and the blade is usually adjusted around an arbor. An experienced user will also be able to cut precisely with this saw.

Usage of Circular Saw

Circular saw is mainly used for cutting narrow pieces of material. Usually, this saw is used to cut stationery items, small boards, and plywood. It is also used for making 45 & 90-degree crosscuts.

It is also used as a protractor. This saw is mostly used in small workshops, and it is mostly used by people who can only afford one saw as it is the cheaper option among the table saw and circular saw.

Advantages of Circular Saw

  • Portability: Circular saw is a portable tool, and it can be easily moved from one place to another.
  • Economical: This saw is much cheaper than the table saw. Circular saw is a more affordable option than the table saw. So it is a better option for someone running on a low budget.
  • Multipurpose: Any types of cut can be easily made with the circular saw. Thus it is called a multipurpose saw.
  • Versatile Structure: Circular saw can come in two forms: cordless and c This versatile nature makes it handy.

Disadvantages of Circular Saw

  • Inaccuracy: These instruments are not as accurate or don’t offer as much precision as the table saw.
  • Hard to Use: Circular saws are harder to apply for a novice as it requires the accuracy of the person using it more than the efficiency of the machine.
  • Not long-lasting: The saws can break down in a few months, and it is not as durable as table saws.
  • No Disposal System: These don’t have a sawdust disposal system, and it means that the sawdust doesn’t go in one direction only and often gets scattered. Thus it will be challenging to clean up after using the circular saw.

Final Thoughts

Mainly circular saws provide an individual with mobility and convenience, and it is cheaper to buy whereas, a table saw is a good option for someone new to woodcutting or for someone who needs to cut large planks of wood. So everybody should buy the saw according to their job preference.