The Best Circular Saw Blade Reviews With Buying Guide

Last Updated on November 28, 2020

Struggling to find the perfect circular saw blade?

Still not getting the smooth cutting experience as expected?

Well, you are in the right hands now. We have set a guideline for choosing the best circular saw blade.

There are plenty of options available in the market. But the selection of the blade will depend on the project you are undertaking.

So spend 10 minutes reading this article, and by the end of this, you will be able to pick a circular blade that will match your requirements.

We have also made a list of the top best circular saw blades for your convenience.

Best Circular Saw Blade – Comparisons

Freud D1090X Circular Saw BladeFreud D1090X Circular Saw Blade

Check Price
Freud Diablo DO748F Metal Cutting Circular Saw BladeFreud Diablo DO748F Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blade

Check Price
Oshlun SBFT-160048 FesPro Crosscut ATB Saw BladeOshlun SBFT-160048 FesPro Crosscut ATB Saw Blade

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DEWALT DW9158 6-1/2-Inch Saw BladeDEWALT DW9158 6-1/2-Inch Saw Blade

Check Price
DEWALT DW3196 7-1/4-Inch 60T Precision Finishing Saw BladeDEWALT DW3196 7-1/4-Inch 60T Precision Finishing Saw Blade

Check Price
DEWALT DWAFV3760 Flexvolt 60T Circular Saw BladeDEWALT DWAFV3760 Flexvolt 60T Circular Saw Blade

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Bosch DCB624 Circular Saw BladeBosch DCB624 Circular Saw Blade

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Concord Blades WCB0725T040HP Hard & Soft Wood Saw BladeConcord Blades WCB0725T040HP Hard & Soft Wood Saw Blade

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IRWIN Tools Classic Series Steel Corded Circular Saw BladeIRWIN Tools Classic Series Steel Corded Circular Saw Blade

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OVERPEAK 7-1/4″ Circular Saw BladeOVERPEAK 7-1/4″ Circular Saw Blade

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10 Best Circular Saw Blade Reviews

Do not get confused among hundreds of options you can find in the market. First, determine your project necessities and budget allocation. Then choose the best circular saw blade for you based on the list below.

1. FREUD D1090X Circular Saw Blade

Are you struggling for a smoother cut on your wooden project? Take a try with the FREUD D1090X Circular Saw Blade, and you won’t be disappointed. This ultra-fine circular saw blade is a high-performance one designed for wood and wood compounds.

The length of the blade is 10 inches with 90 teeth. You can install the blade both in your miter and table saw. To enjoy the butter-like smooth experience, it is featured with super-thin laser cut kerf for effortless cutting performance.

It is a very common phenomenon that the blades get dull after a few uses.  This saw has Tico high-density carbide which enables the blade to remain sharper for a longer period. It is also designed with perma-shield non-stick coating which protects the blade from excessive heat and crumbling.

If you are not an expert, you must be getting nervous about losing control over the blade. Keeping that in mind, it is featured with laser-cut stabilizer vents which reduces noise and vibration and also stabilizes the blade with less movement.

In case you are tight on your time schedule, this saw blade can be your lifesaver. It leaves a minimum possibility of mistakes, saves time, and ensures a straight cut. The cut is so smooth that you do not need to do any finishing touch on the wood.

You can easily grab this tool for both of your professional and domestic projects.

What We Like:
  • Ensures clean straight cut
  • No finishing touch required
  • The quality result within an affordable price
  • Effortless cutting experience
  • Great for crosscutting
What We Didn’t Like:
  • No flat teeth for cleaning the bottom
  • Faster speed setting creates smoke
  • Leaves burn mark on the piece if heated

2. Freud Diablo DO748F Metal Cutting Circular Saw Blade

Among many other varieties from Freud Diablo saw blade ranges, this is the best metal cutting circular saw blade. Working with metals always require precise cuts and clean edging. Sometimes it becomes time-consuming with the other type of blades available in the market.

But this saw will offer you both the luxury of quick and precise metal cut with smooth finishing. Freud Diablo DO748F is a high-impact powerful blade which can cut through metal with clean, smooth cuts. If you are a seeker of perfection, then this blade can be your go-to blade for slicing through metal composites.

For ensuring the longevity of the blades, it has been designed with triple chip grind technology and high-density carbide tips.

You do not need to worry about broken teeth because the edge of the blades is coated with titanium tungsten carbide. This makes it strong enough to cut through metal sheets without any disruption.

Moreover, for extra stability of smoother cuts, there are laser etched vents on four different points of the tool. For your information, the blade is around 7 inches long and has 48 teeth.

It is made of high-quality premium graded steel and has a shield of non-stick coating to resist heat and corrosion. You can enjoy the ultimate cutting experience of up to ¼ inch of mild steel. It is a top favourite for professional users like contractors, steel erectors, and steel fabricators.

Compared to the quality of the service, the blade is very inexpensive.

What We Like:
  • Extreme durability
  • Can withstand high impacts
  • Robust design to cut faster
  • Designed with TCG technology
  • Easy to control
  • Maximizes accuracy and efficiency
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Suitable for mild steel only
  • Sometimes teeth fall apart
  • The extra effort required after a few cuts

3. Oshlun SBFT-160048 FesPro Crosscut ATB Saw Blade

Melamine projects are tricky to work on. Neither metal saw nor wooden saw works perfectly on it. In that case, Oshlun SBFT-160048 saw blade can be your savior. It is the best circular saw blade for melamine and has a 160 mm diameter along with 48 sharp teeth for a smoother cutting experience.

Other than melamine, you can use it for slicing hardwood as well as softwood. If you are a perfectionist, you can keep this blade at the top of your list.

It ensures an industrial quality cut at an affordable price. The price range is between 20 to 25 dollars only. You can use it with Festool, DeWalt and Makita track saws.

The tip of the blade is coated with micro-grain tungsten carbide to ensure precise and accurate cuts. It also has laser cut expansion slots and thin kerf. The weight of the tool is 8 ounces only. So it easier for you to carry it to your work station.

You will be surprised to get the glossy smooth cutting without any external finishing touch. Even if you are a beginner, you can expect to get good result as it offers a better grip and less vibration. It also creates less dust, so it is easier for you to keep the work area clean.

Otherwise, most of the blades create an immense amount of dust and a good amount of time is spent on cleaning.  You can consider this blade in place of other expensive ones available in the market, and you will not regret it!

What We Like:
  • Makes flawless cuts on melamine
  • Super clean crosscuts
  • A good alternative to expensive blades
  • Ensures straight cut
  • Does not damage the saw machine
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Price is higher than the quality
  • Creates chipping while working with plywood
  • Does not stay sharp for longer

4. DEWALT DW9158 6-1/2-Inch Saw Blade

If you have multiple projects on hand and do not want to invest separately for each type of blade, then you must take a look at the DEWALT DW9158 saw blade. It is the best circular saw blade for plywood.

You can use it for various wooden tasks like cutting and framing lumber, plywood, and other wood components. With the same blade, you can also work on aluminum, copper, and other nonferrous metals. It comes as a combo pack of two blades. One has 18 teeth, and the other has 24 teeth.

It is very common to get the gum on the rims up while cutting through wood. You will be happy to know that it is featured with anti-stick rims to avoid such phenomena and save your time. Moreover, you can also enjoy a precise and quicker cut with its ultra-thin kerf.

The 18 teeth blade is specially designed for fast cutting. If you are very tight on your schedule, you can easily rely on it to get a faster result.

It is contrived with alternate face bevel tooth for optimizing cutting performance and maximizing the accuracy. The one with 24 teeth is made with heavy-duty tungsten carbide. It is engineered to maximize the flawless cutting experience for a cordless saw.

These blades are designed for framing. Both the blades tend to protect the saw machine by putting less load on it. It will cost you between $20 to $25 only to own this awesome set of blades.

What We Like:
  • Can be used on multiple materials with the same efficiency
  • Do not leave burning spot on the wood
  • Good deal compared to the price
  • No need to sharpen frequently
  • Makes great cut
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Not suitable for long term heavy use
  • Carbide tips come off the blade
  • Problematic fitting on the cordless saws

5. DEWALT DW3196 7-1/4-Inch 60T Precision Finishing Saw Blade

Who does not love to get multiple benefits from a single tool? And DEWALT DW3196 Finishing Saw Blade offers exactly the same thing which is multitasking!

It is ideal for all kinds of professional or DIY construct needs involving roofing, siding installation, concrete forms, and framing. The blade is famous for its revolutionary workability. You can obtain outstanding cutting performance though superb blade control.

There is also no need to invest in the same equipment again and again as it ensures long life and durability. The price of the blade is below 25 dollars, which can be considered as less expensive.

It is featured with front face grind by a tooth geometry design to create a sharper tip. You might be wondering what does that mean. Well, because of this exclusive design, you will need to put less force while cutting through hard materials.

Excessive vibration is a common problem for most of the blades. It creates an immense distraction and poor control over the saw machine, which leads to rough cutting output.

To help users deal with vibration, this blade features an exclusive plate technology which reduces vibration and ensures a smoother performance.

Safety features should be another important consideration for choosing saw blades to avoid any unfortunate situation.

This blade is designed with a unique anti-kickback shoulder technology. It supports the carbide tip for impact resistance. This also decreases the risk of saw kickback. The blade is incorporated with an anti-stick coating to reduce friction and gum up while working.

What We Like:
  • Smooth cutting edge
  • One blade can be used for several projects
  • Valuable blade with reasonable price
  • Creates less vibration and sound
  • Ensures a clean cut
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Anti-vibration slot falls off
  • After few use the blade leaves marks on wood

6. DEWALT DWAFV3760 Flexvolt 60T Circular Saw Blade

The main concern of this blade is to maximize the runtime. Which means it promises you to obtain the best result without putting extra effort. It has a thin kerf design to get smoother and precise cuts.

No one likes to change a blade frequently. It impacts both performance and money. You will be glad to know that DEWALT DWAFV3760 saw blade is featured with a submicron grade carbide tip to ensure durability and longevity.

Not only that, it has customized body slots for low vibration so that the user can concentrate on work without any interruption. You can use it for both corded or cordless saw machines, preferably for circular saw blades.

The blade weighs 8.8 ounces. So it is also easier to carry the blade to your work station. No matter how fancy a blade is, it won’t be of use if the cut is not perfect. But you can rely on this blade because it has patented body slot design to ensure a precise cut.

It is a very good deal as you can buy this superb blade for a price range between $15 to $25 only. This is the best cheapest option available in the market. If you are skeptical of ultra-fine finishing, you might want to give this blade a try.

What We Like:
  • Ensures the same quality as factory cut
  • Quicker performance lead time
  • Can be used on multiple materials
  • Submicron grade carbide tips for durability
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Made of thin material
  • To narrow to mount
  • The blade rotation is clockwise

7. Bosch DCB624 Circular Saw Blade

Not all blades are suitable for heavy-duty construction jobs. It requires strong features and durability to get the desired outcome. Bosch DCB624 Circular Saw Blade is designed with brute carbide which is an upgraded micro-grain carbide creation that enhances impact resistance.

That is why Bosch circular blades are perfectly designed for tough construction jobs. These blades are committed to staying sharper even after continuous application. We always opt for a clean cut. This blade has ground teeth which are designed for clean and precise cuts.

To reduce friction, it is incorporated with an extra thin steel plate. If you are tired of bending of your current blade, then it is high time for you to try this blade built with expansion slots which increases the holding power of the blade.

This specific model of Bosch blade has other important features, which are its control cut shoulder and body slots.

Besides the work efficiency, it is of utmost importance to check the safety measures of the blade you are planning to buy. This blade meets these safety criteria very well.

It has control cut shoulders to reduce kickback of the machine and protect from unanticipated accidents. And the body slot helps to absorb the excessive heat created.

The blade is developed for extreme performance on heavy application. You can use it to slice through various materials such as wood, plastic, plywood, and composite decking. It is specially designed with anti-friction finish to get a flawless cutting experience with minimum effort.

Another good news for you is that the price of this great tool is below 20 dollars only.

What We Like:
  • Cuts through hard obstacles such as nails, pins, etc.
  • Blades remain sharp even after heavy use
  • Great value compared to the price
  • Perfect for heavy professional usage
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Consumes higher battery power
  • Removal of the blade from the machine is difficult

8. Concord Blades WCB0725T040HP Hard & Soft Wood Saw Blade

Cutting wooden composites are more delicate than metals. It requires extra attention to get the precise outcome. Even a simple rough cut can hamper the look of the project.

If you are already worried about getting the perfect finishing look on your wooden project, you need to try Concord Blades WCB0725T040HP Hard & Soft Wood Saw Blade at least once.

It is the best circular saw blade for hardwood. Not only hardwood, but it is also excellent for cutting softwood, exotic wood, plywood, decking, and wood composites as well.

The blade is made of construction grade steel blade with precision sharp titanium tips. Moreover, the fine quality carbide saw blades is perfect for general purpose ripping, finishing of wooden composites and crosscutting. It features a 2.2 mm thin kerf design, ATB grind, and an 18-degree hook.

In case you are wondering about the purpose of the hook, then, for your information, lower hook angle improves the surface quality of the cutting. It also increases the feed pressure wherever required.

We often use exclusive hardwood for various projects and want to make the best use of it without wasting any. The thin kerf of this blade allows a smooth finishing with minimum waste of material.

Also, it has a 5/8-inch arbor with a diamond knockout. The blade has 80 teeth, and it is also multidimensional.

You can easily pair up the blade with your miter saw, circular saw, table saw, hand saw, and chop saw. So basically, you do not need to buy separate blades for each of your tools. You can buy this particular blade and install it for your various saw machines according to the work requirement.

What We Like:
  • Economical price
  • Runs straight and is easy to control
  • Operates smoothly without vibration
  • The cutting edge is clean and even
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Requires more pushing effort
  • Not suitable for professional or heavy-duty work

9. IRWIN Tools Classic Series Steel Corded Circular Saw Blade

This particular model of IRWIN is a classic circular saw blade with a Universal 5/8 inch Arbor circular. It is most effective for wood cutting. To make your woodworking experience more pleasant, this blade has been specially designed.

Apart from wood, it can be used on metal also without damaging the paint. The teeth of the blade are precision ground teeth for ensuring smooth and accurate cuts.

It is a common scenario that the blades get rusted after a certain period which affects their performance and leaves marks on the wood. But IRWIN circular saw blade has a corrosion-resistant coating to help prevent rusting.

Also, the precision ground, carbide-tipped teeth make the cutting experience smoother and clean. You need to put comparatively less effort to bring out the desired outcome.  It is featured with a 19-degree hook angle. So it is easier for you to fix the perfect position of the blade to get a perfect finishing.

The blade also has 24 teeth with ATB ground. All these features make this blade unique and ensure a smoother and accurate finishing. The price of this excellent blade is between $15 to $20. So you do not need to allocate any big investment to buy the blade.

What We Like:
  • Perfect for heavy-duty tasks
  • The blade remains sharper even after frequent use
  • Does not burn through metal
  • Cutting speed is impressive
  • Very low price compared to the quality
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Creates excessive particle dust
  • Blades get warped very fast
  • Good for short term use, not durable

10. OVERPEAK 7-1/4″ Circular Saw Blade

The OVERPEAK saw blade is suitable for ripping and crosscut of wood, plywood, and laminate. If you are particular about quality and lead time, then this blade should be your perfect choice. It is aimed at maximizing the accuracy and efficiency of the work.

You will be surprised to see the perfect cuts in the shortest possible time.  As it saves your time, you can take on more projects to enhance your capability.

It is most suitable for DIY woodworking. You can use this blade on multiple types of saw machine such as a miter saw, table saw, and circular saw.

That is how it is cost-efficient as you do not need to buy separate blades for each of the saw machines. It is featured with laser cut blades for the precise cutting experience. It also has 5/8 inch arbor with a diamond knockout. The brand Overpeak designs its products for high durability.

So you can easily rely on it for a longer period. The blade is made of tougher tungsten carbide for a longer cutting life than other blades.

Without any finishing touch, it will leave a smooth finishing as generally acquired after the sanding process. The blade is also coated with non-stick perma-shield to lessen rusting, gumming, corrosion that helps to keep the appearance as good as before.

Laser-cut expansion slot and laser-cut stabilizer are two of the interesting features of the blade that you should be aware of. These features enable the blade to reduce corrosion noise and vibration to get a flawless outcome.

What We Like:
  • Quicker performance while cutting through
  • Creates a straight cut
  • Smooth finishing on wood
  • Great value for the price
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Sometimes leaves insignificant marks on wood
  • Not multidimensional, suitable for wood cutting only

How To Choose The Best One

Blade size, type of saw machine, the pattern of work – all these factors directly influence the buying decision. We have compiled a set of guidelines to choose the best circular saw blade for you. Take a few moments to read the guide before making your decision.

Pattern Of The Work

Why do you need the saw blade? This is the first question you should ask yourself to make the correct buying decision. Because all blades are not compatible with cutting every type of material.

For example, the blade specially designed to cut metal is way stronger than the other blades. If you try to cut metal with the blade meant to be for cutting wood, you will damage the blade and ruin the material.

Each type of material needs a different blade to be perfectly cut through. Another important fact is that the blades with a higher number of teeth can cut through different materials quickly and accurately. So while comparing the options, you must consider the number of teeth of the blade.

Size Of The Blade

It is the priority to choose the correct size of the blade, and it has to be complemented by the saw machine you intend to use. Table saws generally use blades of 10 to 12 inches. For metal cutting saws, 14-inch blades are more suitable.

The blade size requirement is completely opposite for a handheld saw. You will need much smaller blades, preferably 7-10 inches in diameter to fit perfectly. So, if you end up buying a smaller or bigger blade that does not fit the saw machine, then your purchase will be in vain.

If you are confused about the blade size, you can always discuss with the seller or dealer to get a clear idea. It is better to be sure before buying, rather than regretting later.

Type Of The Saw

It is also equally significant to pay attention to the type of saw you own. Both the saw machine and the blade should be tuned to each other to avoid tipping off. The design of the saw and the type of blade requirement should be taken into consideration.

There is a universal rule, which is that the arbor of the blade and the shaft design on the saw should be in harmony. So that the blade can be easily installed and the work can be done without any hassle. If the fitting is not right, it will impact the outcome of the performance.

So if you own multiple saws, first determine which one you need for the current project. If you need more than one saw, there are some blades which are well fitted to a different kind of saw. So you can look for those blades as well.

Reliability Of The Seller

If you are ordering the blade online, it is difficult to check the reliability of the seller. However, the easiest method is to check the seller rating on the website. At the same time, you can check the customers’ review on the discussion section to get an idea of both the seller and the product.

Another important thing is, saw blades are usually prone to cracking. When you are surfing through the website, you must look for the packages that include spare parts. So that in case your blade is broken or damaged, you can instantly replace it with the spare. This will save both your time and effort.


No one prefers to spend money on the same thing again and again. Hence it is better to look for a blade which you do not need to replace frequently. You must check the material of the blade before buying. Blades made of high-quality industrial grade steel are stronger and cut through most materials swiftly.

They do not tend to get blunt easily. Without the need of sharpening, you can use it on multiple projects. You should also check if the blade is made of carbide teeth because such teeth are sharper and stronger.

Some can even cut through hard materials like nails. Also, some blades are specially coated to prevent rusting. So, that is another feature you can look for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I cut aluminum with this wood cutting blade?
A: Yes, you can cut but should not. There are blades available dedicated to cut aluminum. If you use your wood cutting blade on aluminum, the blade will lose the sharpness. Then you would lose the smooth cuts on wood composites.

Q: Does the blade contain the removal key from the saw?
A: No, the blade does not include any kind of key or knob. The removal key should be included with the saw machine. You can take a closer look at your saw machine to find out the key.

Q: What is the blade made of?
A: The blade is made of steel with carbide teeth to ensure accurate cut with least possible effort. Because of the high-grade steel, the blades are usually very durable and can cut through hard materials smoothly.

Q: Will it cut through the nail or screws in the wood?
A: Yes, it will cut through, but you are suggested not to do so. If you do it a few times, you might lose some carbide teeth of the blade. It is better if you take some time and remove all the metal attached to the wood.

Q: Is this blade all-purpose blade?
A: It is made for smooth finishing cut on different types of woods. This is a very good quality blade but not good enough for metal. You can cut through plastic and to some extent can cut aluminum or copper as well. But that will ruin the blade very quickly.


You should be prepared by now to start your project. Different types of blades are suitable for different kinds of work. You can choose the best circular saw blade based on the task you intend to do.

To balance between your work necessities and budget, just go through our 10 best picks. It will lead you to a quicker decision and minimize your confusion.