Top 5 Best Horizontal Band Saw Reviews

Last Updated on June 1, 2020

If you’ve been having trouble completing that particular woodworking project, then let us introduce you to an incredible tool that will make your life way easier: the bandsaw.

It is a motor-powered machine capable of working through the hardest materials. In our search to find the best horizontal band saw, we’ve come up with the top five offers currently available in the market.

This selection of band saws features every element you might need to complete not only woodworking activities but metalworking, too.

Continue reading to find out what makes the following machines as good as they are, and why you should consider having one in your workshop.

Best Horizontal Band Saw Reviews

Creating the band saw reviews for fine woodworking was difficult. There are many models out there, but only five caught our attention. We’ll analyze them next.

1. JET 414459 HVBS-7MW 3/4-HP Horizontal/Vertical Band saw

This Jet horizontal band saw comes to provide woodworkers with the necessary features to fulfill the toughest projects. How does it manage to do that? Well, it is a combination of power with durable construction materials.

With its high-quality cast-iron construction, there are many applications that this machine can endure. This material provides a steady and consistent performance regardless of how much time you use it for. It also improves its durability by adding the ground worm gear.

The resistance of Jet tools to persistent usage and heavy workloads is what often defines their products, and the 414459 HVBS-7MW is a clear example of that.

When it comes to its performance, this band saw has a capacity that allows you to work with different materials like aluminum and steel.

Regarding the issue compatibility with many workpieces, it can be said that this is one of the reasons for this band saw’s success, but it is how it deals with those materials that truly makes this Jet machine shine above the rest.

It includes the roller blade guides that woodworkers can adjust to fit their tasks. After the adjustments are ready, the material will stay in its place without moving or losing balance.

To keep the area clean, it comes with a proper chip tray located at the roller tray. This feature keeps the surface free from both debris and dust, which helps you have better visibility over what you’re doing.

Naturally, by providing a 3/4 HP powerful motor, it needs to have safety measures, too. That’s why it features the automatic coolant system as well as the automatic shut-off. The Coolant System ensures the blade doesn’t get too hot, and the automatic shut-off stops the blade after every cut.

What We Like:
  • Cast-Iron construction delivers a durable machine
  • Powerful 3/4 HP motor
  • Different blade speeds, from 85 to 285 feet per minute
  • Adjustable roller blade guide
  • Coolant System
  • Blade Automatic Shut-Off
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Small area for the coolant
  • The blade is not durable

2. Grizzly G05617 x 12-Inch Metal Cutting Band saw

A powerful motor is not always necessary when it comes to power tools. Most of the times, woodworkers don’t get to use to its full capacity. However, isn’t it satisfactory to have a highly capable and functional horsepower motor at your disposal?

After all, the certainty of having a powerful band saw in the workshop allows us to think beyond the possibilities to create new and innovative projects. That’s precisely the case for the Grizzly G0561 band saw.

It features a 1 HP motor, working at either 110 or 220 volts. As the energy source, it provides the power you’re going to need for small to medium workshop projects.

For its construction, it has a bed, wheels, and body frame made of cast-iron material to create a heavy-duty build. It also includes lubricated ball bearings and the stand featuring heavy gauge steel.

The heavy-duty construction and 1 HP motor power up a blade that is slightly larger than what you would have had in other band saws.

Nonetheless, the addition of the hydraulic feed control and quick positioning vise help you keep it under control at all times, allowing you to have more precision and accuracy during your work.

This might sound compelling, but it is an easy-to-use machine, very user-friendly to those who are initiating their way into this line of work. If that’s your case, then make sure to understand and use the automatic shut-off system to avoid accidents.

Like most other band saws, this model has the same issue while containing the coolant in the right place. If you’re not careful, then be ready to have the coolant splashed all over the place.

What We Like:
  • High-quality materials for the construction
  • Powerful motor capacity
  • Safety measures
  • Durable machine
  • Good price
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Coolant sprays uncontrollably even at a low speed

3. SHOP FOX W1715 Metal Cutting Band saw, 3/4 HP Motor

Having a versatile machine in the workshop has many benefits. As woodworkers, the best tool is one that performs well, not only in one task but in many of them.

The Shop Fox W1715 is a clear example of receiving what you paid for exactly, and nothing more. It is among the best band saws for the money, and it will assist you during your woodworking activities. But how does it do it?

Well, its success lies, mostly, on the powerful 3/4 horsepower motor. It offers variable speeds that you can adjust and adapt to the different RPM settings available.

The ability to fine-tune the band saw’s blade to fit your demands is what makes this machine from Shop Fox a valuable tool for your workshop.

In reality, there wasn’t much innovation during the creation of this band saw. It has a pretty standard design that doesn’t stand out from the rest, but it does have an incredible benefit that other models don’t, which is the possibility to turn it into a vertical machine very quickly.

While being used, it can cut through a variety of materials. It only requires certain adjustments on the position of the V-Belt to modify the speed. Having multiple cutting comes extra handy if you intend to cut stocks of materials.

For beginners, it might not be the most intuitive band saw out there, but you’ll learn how to use it properly because it comes with a useful and well-explained guide for the inexperienced user.

Not everything is good, though. The lack of a proper coolant system is one of the disadvantages you will encounter while using this machine. It is an issue if you intend to use it regularly.

What We Like:
  • High-quality band saw
  • Cuts through many materials
  • Different cutting speeds
  • The manual provided makes it easy to use
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Heavyweight machine
  • It doesn’t have a coolant system

4. WEN 3970 Metal-Cutting Band Saw

If you’ve used woodworking tools in the past, then you probably have come across a material that they can’t handle. When that happens, looking for a newer and capable machine, like a band saw, requires you to put extra effort, time, and money.

To help you avoid those struggles, the WEN 3970 comes through in the competition by offering a stable performance to cut through the hardest materials.

It is capable of operating in two positions: vertical and horizontal. These two positions provide versatility to adapt to different types of materials to cut through them. To do its work, it only requires the proper adjustment to the blade, which you can do easily by following the manual.

But even then, the design for this band saw is very intuitive, meaning that most woodworkers won’t have issues figuring out how to use it without the manual. Also, there are several speeds that you can use.

Regardless of the material you want to cut, the variable speeds manage to adapt to anything that it is going to cut. After making the right adjustments, the beveling vise helps you produce accurate cuttings from 0 to 60 degrees.

These features make the WEN 3970 an outstanding machine that you’ll be glad to have in the workshop. However, if you’re a professional or a DIYer looking for a band saw to endure heavy workloads, then this machine isn’t the most suitable option.

Other than that, there aren’t other disadvantages of using this band saw. What you pay for is what you get.

What We Like:
  • Works at horizontal and vertical positions
  • Variable blade speeds
  • Proper beveling vise delivers accurate cuts
  • It comes with a stand
  • Trustable 4.6 AMP motor
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Cannot resist heavy workloads

5. Klutch Benchtop 1-1/3 HP Motor Metal Band Saw

We’ve reviewed multiple heavy-duty band saws that provide stable and steady performance, but what should you buy if what you need is a compact band saw?

The Klutch Benchtop is a band saw of a smaller size and compact design. It is a lightweight machine that most woodworkers would enjoy because of its higher portability.

It is a lightweight tool that doesn’t lose efficiency or power while performing. You can use it to create vertical or horizontal cuts, and it will deliver 3 to 4-inches cuts over the materials.

Woodworkers can adjust the cutting capacity through the blade speed settings. It works from 130 to 288 feet per minute, which is pretty good considering this band saw is a lightweight machine with a compact design. The best trait of the Klutch benchtop is the vise mechanism.

Vise mechanism is a system where the saw positions quickly in the right place, securing and holding the material in the best cutting position. This mechanism allows woodworkers to have the precision necessary to create incredibly precise cuts.

Some customers have reported having issues with the vise, saying it is too far from the saw. However, upon using it, we found that there are no inconveniences with it. It works as it should, by keeping the pieces in the proper place for you to work on them.

So, it is quite clear why this band saw is one of the best for woodworkers. Its sheer power combined with a comfortable and portable design are features that make it a machine that everyone can use regardless of where you are; be it in the house, out in the open, or at your working place.

What We Like:
  • Lightweight machine
  • The compact design makes it a portable band saw
  • Quality product for the price
What We Didn’t Like:
  • It is not durable
  • Lacks cutting power

Who Should Buy a Band Saw?

The short answer here would be every woodworker could benefit from buying a band saw.

Saws have been a reliable tool for wooden projects for many years. Workers have found them to be a valuable ally that cuts through almost everything with ease and quickness. The variations are no different, and here’s where the band saw comes into play.

Band saws are highly efficient for working with wood, metal, and lumber. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, a DIYer or a professional, the band saw is a worthy addition to your workshop that will prove its value when no other tool can cut through those hard materials.

Benefits of Horizontal Band Saw

The best benefit of using the horizontal band saw is its versatility. Even though we often refer to band saws as woodworking or metalworking machines, the numbers of possibilities go beyond that.

As long as you consider it works with other materials, you can test it to figure out its limitations.

Also, the addition of incredible features such as the rip fences, the miter gauge, the automatic shut-off, and coolant mechanism allows woodworkers to have the efficiency they need, while still being secured.

Finally, you receive a high-precision cutting capacity, which is possible because of the dual-bearing blade that features the guiding rollers to keep track of the workpiece without losing stability.

What Makes a Perfect Horizontal Band Saw?

The right tool requires the right features. To learn what makes the best band saw, we’ve listed the essential information you need to know before buying.

The Best Construction Materials

Just like with any other woodworking tool, the materials used for the construction will define the quality and performance of the band saw.

For saws, in particular, you will need materials capable of resisting the abuse and the amount of workload you put them through. So, what are the proper materials for the best band saw?

Firstly, you want to have a cast-iron frame. This build will handle most of the pressure you put over it, which makes it very reliable. Other models have aluminum or plastic bodies but always go for the iron-cast if it is possible.

People might consider cast-iron tools as heavy, but that doesn’t have to be a disadvantage. Instead, you could take it as an advantage. A heavy build tends to be more resistant to impacts, and it works efficiently at reducing issues like vibrations.


It is pretty common to find very powerful band saws and saws in general. But will you need it? That’s a question you have to ask yourself. Professionals might have a chance to use the motor’s full capacity, but a DIYer might never have to use it.

For most cases, a 1 1/2 horsepower motor will manage just fine to complete your woodworking projects. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a machine capable of handling hardwoods or tough workpieces, either a 2 1/2 or 3 HP motor will manage to accomplish those tasks.

Of course, a powerful motor comes with its disadvantages. The higher price is one of them, as well as the requirement of using a 220 volts electric supply.

Easy to Use

If you want to know if a band saw has the quality you need, consider checking out how easy it is to operate. It says a lot about a tool when an inexperienced worker can get their hands on it and start using it without complications.

Sure, it might not be an intuitive process to understand how the machine works, but a proper guide or manual goes a long way, and people appreciate it.

In particular, the best band saw must have a system that doesn’t make it complicated to do simple tasks like changing the blades.

If you plan to use the machine regularly, the blade will wear out quickly. Then, changing it becomes necessary. Don’t consider a band saw that makes this process of changing blades more difficult than it should be.

Safe to Use

A motor-powered machine always requires proper safety measures. We’ll be discussing them in the next section of the article, but consider buying a band saw with a coolant system and an automatic shut-off system.


Looking for the best power tools might end up taking a toll on your pocket, so you better be prepared to make the right investment to avoid wasting your money away.

Band saws are like other power tools; there are very high-priced models, just as there are cheap models.

Remember that an expensive tool doesn’t mean it is better. It might have more benefits, but you might not need them.

Band Saw Usage Tips

With the following tips, you’ll get the best out of your band saw, even if it is an old machine in your garage.

New Blade For An Old Saw: If you have an old band saw, don’t rush in disregarding its functionality. More often than not, they’re durable tools, and you can attach a new blade to make it work.

Release The Tension: After you finish using it, make sure to relieve the tension of the blade. It improves the durability of the blade and its performance.

Plastic Throat Plate: Using this material prevents the blade from suffering damage if they make contact.

Number Of Blade Teeth: You can use a blade with a high or a low number of teeth. A higher amount means cleaner cuts, but fewer teeth will create quicker cuts.

Safety Tips

Safety measures are always essential to keep in mind while handling a band saw. Consider following the next steps to ensure your safety and the proper use of the tool.

Safety Equipment: Any woodworking tools require the use of safety glasses. Band saws feature different speeds and a sharp blade, which could produce flying debris and particles that could hurt your eyes.

Inspect Before Use: The band saw has an internal mechanism that depends on every one of its pieces to work properly. Before you start using it, make sure to confirm everything is in its proper place. The last thing you’d want is a malfunctioning blade.

A Secured Machine: Ultimately, look for band saws that offer quality safety measures. One of them would be the automatic shut-off system, which is responsible for stopping the blade by itself after the cutting has been done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the band saw do?
A: It is a power tool that uses a blade to cut many materials in woodworking, metalworking, and some lumbering projects as well.
These tools are quite efficient at what they do because of their high-quality construction, the powerful motor, and the sharp-toothed blades they use.

Q: What type of blade should I get?
A: It depends on the type of work you’re going to do. A saw blade with a high number of teeth provides clean cuts for light woodworking projects. Instead, if you need to perform quick-cutting, consider using a saw blade with fewer teeth.

Q: Are band saws easy to use?
A: Yes, they are. Reading the manual and all the information available for the band saw allows you to understand how it operates. A better understanding of the machine improves your chances of having better performance and high-quality results.
Some band saws might be complicated to figure out, but most of them are very easy to grasp.

Q: What are the benefits of using a band saw?
A: Versatility, high-precision cutting, and safe operation are the main advantages that come from using a band saw.

Q: What makes the band saw different from other saws?
A: The band saw uses an internal mechanism that allows workers to cut through many materials like wood and metal.
A stable base, solid build, and sharp blade deliver comfortable and steady operation regardless of which material you decide to cut.

Final Words

It might take some time before you find the best horizontal band saw for you, but going through all of the options available is the right way to start. This effort is also completely worth it. Now you know what makes them high-quality tools that woodworkers can appreciate for their efficiency.