Miter Saw vs Table Saw – Differences Explained

Last Updated on October 20, 2021

Workshops are filled with different power tools according to the woodworkers’ requirement. Miter Saw and Table Saw are 2 of the most common power tools that woodworkers depend on for most of their projects.

Usually, professional woodworkers and contractors have both saw in their possession. Whereas, the occasional or amateur woodworkers prefer to buy one at a time as they intend to build up their toolkit slowly. So, it is mandatory for you to know the applications of miter saw and table saw if you’re in a dilemma.

It is crucial to know the differences between miter saw and table saw for proper utilization. Some people going for DIY projects are cautious about choosing their desired saws. They will look for the saw that will get their job done efficiently.

In this article, we will look at the applications and differences between a miter saw and a table saw. After reading this article, you will have a clear understanding of which one to choose for your project.

What Is A Miter Saw?

A miter saw comes with various striking qualities. If you want the cuts in an angular form, a miter saw will come in handy in this case. It has a circular blade on a moveable swinging arm so that you can make the cuts according to your desired angles. Because of the flexibility of the swinging arm, precise cuts can be done.

If you are planning to make cuts for door frames, picture frames and more, a miter saw is a tool that you should go for. Though it is not as popular as the table saw, it is raising its standard daily. Like a table saw, a miter saw is available in every woodworking workshops.

What Is The Table Saw?

Table saw is very common to people when it comes to handiwork. A table saw consists of a saw blade fitted on a flat table. The blade is mounted in such a way that the cuts can be made in different sizes. You will find a table saw in every woodworking workshops.

Every professional woodworker has the saw in their arsenal.  You can find different models in the workshops. Stationary and mobile table saws are also available according to your preferences.

Differences between Miter Saw and Table Saw

Below you have the key differences between the two saw types we have;


If you want your cuts to be precise, go for a miter saw without a doubt. It won’t need other accessories as a table saw for precise cutting. Using the table saw, you will have uncertainty in your mind about whether the cut was accurate or not.

For table saw, sled and miter gauge with extensions are needed as an additional accessory for precise cutting. Other accessories will cost you extra money overall. So, it is better to go for a miter saw to avoid that.


Miter saw it can be used only for specific purposes like angular cuts, crosscuts and trimming. Whereas, a table saw can be used for all types of cutting.

Safety issues

Miter saw is much safer in comparison to the table saw. Table saw is prone to an accident due to its tragic past problems. Miter saw it is relatively safe as it is flexible to use.

To Whom It Is Useful For?

Miter saw is very useful for carpenters as carpenters usually build windows, door and picture frames, and other trimming stuff. In this case, precise cutting is a must.

On the other hand, the table saw is very useful for woodworkers. The task of woodworkers is to build a cabinet, furniture, deck, etc. To construct this, woodworkers need to cut large boards to its desired size. Hence, a table saw adds good value.

How Can You Use It?

In case of a miter saw, the rotating blade can be moved. You have to fix the wood stock on the table and move the blade according to your required cut. On the other hand, the blade of the table saw is fixed. You have to move the stock against the blade to cut.


Miter saw it is easier to move from one place to another. For the table saw, a mobile saw is needed for shifting to different locations.

Cutting Types

Different cuts like crosscuts, miter, bevel, and compound cuts can be done using a miter saw. For table saw, ripping, crosscuts and angular cuts are possible.

Are You A Beginner Or An Amateur?

If you just started cutting with your first power saw, you should consider the table saw. They are recommended for beginners by many professional woodworkers. As a beginner carpenter or woodworker, the table saw will be the best fit due to its versatile quality.

You should go for miter saw if you are planning to upgrade from a beginner to an amateur carpenter or woodworker. Unless you have adjusted yourself with a table saw, shifting to miter saw will be difficult for you as the latter saw requires more movement of blades.

Think strategically which one to go for.

Which One Should You Choose?

If you are planning to cut large boards of wood in a bulk quantity, you should choose the table saw. They are best for cutting up smaller wooden sheets, cross-cutting, etc. In addition to that, it will save you a considerable amount of time as the saw cuts a large amount of wood very quickly.

For meter cuts, a table saw can be used, but help from sleds and miter gauge will be necessary. This whole process will be time-consuming. In this case, miter saw should be your choice.

With the help of miter saw, you will be able to have precise and bevel cuts. Specific cuts are needed for window edges, picture and door frames, etc. and in this situation accuracy is mandatory. So, a miter saw will be your ultimate savior.


Overall, your choice will depend on the task that you are going to perform. Before buying any of the saw, plan on what kind of cuts you need for your requirement.

By now, you should have a clear idea about what to choose for your projects. For casual DIY projects, go for the table saw and for professional DIY projects that require accuracy, go for a miter saw.

Your quality and standard of projects will depend on the saw that you are going to select.