Band Saw Vs Table Saw – Differences Explained

Last Updated on October 16, 2021

Power tools are necessary when it comes to woodworking. It doesn’t matter whether you are an avid worker or just an amateur; you’ll always need a power tool for wood ripping.

Two of the basic woodworking tools are the band saw, and table saw. Some people prefer the table saw to the band saw, and some say band saws are more convenient than the former.

If you are a professional woodworker, you will probably want both of them, but buying both won’t be a smart decision if you are just a beginner.

These tools are costly, and it’s better to choose only one. To help you with that, we are going to give you some basic ideas about these tools.

Band Saw

A band saw has long and sharp triangle shape teeth which can bite into any wooden surface and pierce through it. It’s not only limited to wood though, but the use of this kind of saw is also wider ranged.

They are utilized mainly in carpentry, metalworking, and blundering. These devices are often found in a workshop where varieties of materials are cut and shaped.

Table Saw

This instrument is a woodworking instrument that every woodworker is sure to own. The arbor is controlled by a motor to which the user pushes the wood to create a straight and accurate cut every time.

Tools such as these are convenient in making a difference in depth. The blade’s height is adjustable, and it can be used to create cuts of different depths. A table saw is the perfect choice for making furniture.

Differences between Band Saw and Table Saw

Though both are considered equal in terms of usefulness, there are some basic differences between them. If you cannot afford to buy both of them as they are pretty expensive tools, you may consider doing a comparison between these two.

Environment Friendliness

The blades on a table saw is a lot thinner compared to the band saw as they produce minimum sawdust. It is important because inhaling sawdust is hazardous for health which can cause some health complexities including respiratory infections.

This is why band saws are commonly used in timber mills. It also makes less noise.


Both the table saw, and the band saw can cut precisely, but the latter one is suitable for making curves. A band saw has thinner blades which allow making scrolls and other irregular shapes.

If you need straight cuts while ripping lumber, then the table saw is the right choice for you. But if you need angled cuts with curves, then you should go for the band saw.

Thickness and Versatility

Though both the table saw and the band saw can cut through different kinds of materials other than wood, the band saw is most preferred for this job. As they have thin teeth, they are used for cutting various other materials.

Also, the band saw can cut through really thick pieces of material, whereas the table saw can only rip up to 3.5 inches of thickness.

Safety Measures

While working with these power tools, some safety measures should be taken. These tools are never completely safe, as they consist of razor-sharp blades. One should be highly careful while using them so that the blades don’t come close to any part of his/her body.

Table saws are more dangerous than the band saws, and you should always use push tools while working with them. Safety goggles and gloves are also necessary.


A contest between the table saw and the band saw has always been there and the debate of which one’s better seems to be a never-ending one. However, if you are a beginner at woodworking, the table saw is the right choice for you. A table saw is much more versatile than the band saw, and easier to use.

The band saw is usually used for a more advanced type of woodwork, which requires a superior level of woodworking skills. With regards to safety, the band saws are safer than the table saws.

Table saws can cause severe physical injury if not handled carefully. So, if you are going to buy a power tool for wood ripping very soon, you should consider all these issues before spending your hard earned money!